Energy efficiency delivering the same (or more) services for less energy saves consumers and businesses millions of rands in energy costs. Energy efficient solutions can dramatically reduce the energy cost for businesses and is achieved primarily by optimising production processes and by changes in individual behaviour.

Studies have proven that industries implementing energy efficiency measures have enjoyed a reduction in energy consumption and hence reduced costs even with increased production.

Using energy more efficiently therefore makes sense for many reasons:

- It provides cost savings
- It improves productivity and profitability
- It reduces carbon emissions
- It conserves scarce natural resources
- It enhances corporate reputation and demonstrates corporate and environmental responsibility
- Electricity has become a very expensive commodity

Specific energy efficiency services offered by RNE Project Management include:

- Energy efficiency assessments
- Implementation of energy efficiency management systems
- Electrical, other energy and emission metering and monitoring
- Production plant, building and process audits
- Implementation of energy saving equipment, systems and devices
- Power factor correction
- Utility billing checking, and tariff checks