Energy Efficiency Assessments

RNE Project Management offers energy efficiency assessments across various industry sectors. These are aimed at assisting our clients to gain an understanding of their energy consumption baseline and to identify sources of major energy consumption within their facilities.

Coupled with this, the assessment aims at identifying areas of possible opportunities for improving energy efficiency in the facility.

The overall purpose is to:
- Assist clients to quantify their energy consumption and identify major consumers within their processes;
- Use the assessment as a tool to identify potential opportunities for the reduction and more efficient use of energy within their processes;
- Verify whether energy use by the various production areas is efficient and that there is an ongoing programme to monitor and improve the use of this resource;
- Assist clients to identify opportunities to contribute to the overall national energy efficiency target;
- Assist clients to identify opportunities for recovery of energy from processes, wherever feasible;
- To promote knowledge sharing and best practices amongst similar industries.